The Book. The Mountain. Everything in between.

Reviews and Blurbs

“Jon Bell’s personal narrative style is the perfect voice to introduce readers to Oregon’s most iconic mountain. Not only does Bell discuss Wy’east’s volcanic past, the present challenges it faces with population encroachment, but its potential future as well. On Mount Hood is essential reading for anyone with a love for the state’s highest mountain or a fascination with its natural history.”   –Ric Conrad, author of Mount Hood: Adventures of the Wy’east Climbers, 1930–1942

“Jon Bell takes his readers around the mountain with style. Along the way, he also tours some of the personal connections, past and present, that make Hood such an iconic Northwest place.” Jack Nisbet, author of David Douglas, a Naturalist at Work

Jon Bell artfully blends history, science, and personal experience to spin a tale as complex and compelling as Mount Hood itself. Expect to plow through this book in big, satisfying chunks, all the while dreaming of your next adventure on the spectacular slopes of Oregon’s highest peak.” Kim Cooper Findling, author of Day Trips from Portland and Chance of Sun

“On Mount Hood is a remarkable achievement, and a great read. (It) unfolds with great storytelling and interesting characters, and by the end you realize it is Bell’s personal story that perhaps resonates the most.”  Jon Tullis, spokesman for Timberline Lodge and Vice Chair of the Oregon Heritage Commission

“Bravo! Jon Bell reveals all the majesty and mystery of Mount Hood in this evocative exploration of the Mount Fuji of America. Open the book and climb.”  — Bruce Barcott, author of The Measure of a Mountain: Beauty and Terror on Mount Rainier 

“From the modern and historic geology of the peak to the weather created by the mountain, and from the tales of stranded hikers to the history of Timberline Lodge, Bell entertains and educates the reader in a concise, palatable format.”   Columbia River Gorge Magazine

“. . . a beautiful work that weaves the personal, historic, geologic and newsworthy tales of the mountain into an entertaining, enrapturing book.”   Localite with Jon Compton

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