The Book. The Mountain. Everything in between.

It’s real now

I walked out to the mailbox today, excited but reserved. I’d been expecting something to arrive yesterday, but it didn’t. So I kept my hopes in check just in case the results were the same today.

Sure enough, when I opened the mailbox there was little more than a letter from the water co-op, a program for the local theater company, and a whole lot of empty space.

Sigh. Close the mailbox. Wait till tomorrow.

But  on my way back down the driveway, there it was. A nice, big, yellow envelope propped up next to the front door. The return address said it all: Sasquatch Books.

Inside was the physical manifestation of months and months of work and years and years of exploration, recreation, and fascination with Oregon’s signature mountain.

On Mount HoodIn stores June 2. Available for pre-order now.

3 responses

  1. Geo

    Jon Bell + Mt. Hood = a must read. Can’t wait!

    May 6, 2011 at 7:58 pm

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