The Book. The Mountain. Everything in between.

We’re off . . .

With the official launch of On Mount Hood now behind us, the book is out and about and kind of on its own. It’s been a pretty whirlwind run over the past couple days, but a great one, and one that has included a lot of generous media coverage.

I’m pretty sure the Lake Oswego Review will also be doing a story in this Thursday’s paper, and there will be another presentation at 7:30 p.m. this Friday, June 17, at Wy’East Book Shoppe and Art Gallery in Welches, 67195 E. Highway 26.

It’s all been great and I’ve appreciated everything. That includes everyone who came out to the event at Powell’s and anyone who’s picked up their own copies of the book. (I know these things can be skewed, but it’s still pretty exciting that, today anyway, On Mount Hood has been Amazon’s number one mountain book.) Thanks to everyone for the support. I hope you enjoy the book and the mountain.

When I was up at Timberline the other day for OPB, I was also reminded of why I set out to write this book in the first place. It was drizzly and gray at home and on the drive up to the lodge. But when I got to Government Camp, the mountain flashed through the thinning clouds. Halfway up Timberline Highway, the gray gave way to blue and Hood simply shined in the morning sunlight.

After the show, I stepped into my hiking boots, donned a small pack, and trudged up the hillside for lunch at about 7,500 feet. It was as beautiful as always.

South side of Mount Hood

Hood from just above Silcox Hut.

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