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Brave on the Page: A Recap of the Powell’s Debut

Last night’s “Brave on the Page” event at Powell’s Books came off famously thanks in no small part to editor Laura Stanfill and everyone else who helped out.

Laura Stanfill introduces the readers at the beginning of the Powell's Brave on the Page event on Monday, Jan. 7.

In addition to several readings from the book, the event featured a panel with myself a few other writers, including Scott Sparling, Yuvi Zalkow, and Kristy Athens, to talk about the creative process and how we research and incorporate our own experiences in our writing. For me, that meant sharing a bit about climbing Mount Hood, researching the mountain’s history, and sitting down for tea with environmental activist Tre Arrow.

Here’s a snippet of Laura’s recap:

A new writer friend, Marcia Riefer Johnston, asked if I was floating after last night’s reading at Powell’s.


We had an overflow crowd of 150, according to Powell’s staff estimates. We ran out of chairs, so some people sat in between bookshelves or stood around the edges of the gathering. There were people I know, writers and friends and even a row of my neighbors! Tom Spanbauer, a literary god here in Portland for his own work and how he cultivates talent in the writers he teaches, attended our event. There were friends of friends and writers who have studied with writers I have studied with.

But most amazingly, there were writers who came to be inspired, to ask questions about writing what we know (or not) and how we feel about writing groups. There were so many faces in the audience that I didn’t know, and it was so special to share Brave on the Page with them through readings by Kate Gray, Gina Ochsner, Gigi Little, Robert Hill and me. And to share the sense of writerly community and camaraderie through the panel discussion moderated by Joanna Rose and featuring Yuvi Zalkow, Scott Sparling, Jon Bell and Kristy Athens.

Read the whole post and see some more pictures here. 

2 responses

  1. I can’t wait to do another event with you, Jon! Your thoughts on using fact in storytelling, and especially your comments about what you had to leave out of the book, were fascinating. Thanks for being part of the panel discussion and Brave on the Page.

    January 9, 2013 at 12:28 am

  2. It’s been a pleasure to work with you on this whole project, Laura. See you in Sandy!

    January 9, 2013 at 4:54 pm

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