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Mount Hood Views

Before all the nonstop rain and impenetrable clouds settled over us this week, the recent views of Mount Hood were incredible. A clear day in mid to late autumn is, to me, when the mountain looks just about as good as it gets: new white snow, some fall foliage, deep blue sky, and cold, clear air that seems to sharpen the view just a touch.

That was the view when we headed up to the Portland Japanese Garden for, ridiculously, our first time ever since moving to the area in 1997. Unfortunately, the fall sun was so bright up there that it washed out the mountain in this shot. But it was there. Trust me.


In addition to the view of Hood from the Japanese Garden, there are great vistas of the peak from every side. Below are a few others of mine. Anyone else have a favorite view to share?

Mount Hood from Bull Run Lake

Mount Hood from Gnarl Ridge.

Mount Hood from about 10,000 feet up on its south side.

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