The Book. The Mountain. Everything in between.

Searching for Mount Hood

Silcox Hut Mount Hood.

Kayak lake Mt. Hood.

Mt. Hood Meadows mid beer.

Someone standing up on a mountain.

One of the great things about blogging on WordPress (and probably most other blogging sites) is all the data you’re privy to about visitors to your blog. You get to see how many people visit your blog each day, what countries they live in, and what pages they’re checking out. You can also see all the searches they’ve done on the Internet that ended up pointing them to your site.

That list above is just a few of the searches that have lead people to Most of them, like the Silcox Hut one and the kayaking one, end up being pretty relevant. Some are a little bit more of a stretch. And some, like “crystal lemons, portland OR” and  “accordion made in Germany in the 1940s”  leave you scratching your head. (Though I have to admit, the accordion one probably came up as a result of this post on Shorty’s Corner.)

Whatever the case, though, it’s great to see all the different ways people are looking to learn about Mount Hood; there’s a lot to learn about this mountain, indeed.

Mount Hood from Timberline Lodge.

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