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The Mount Hood Quarter

I knew they were out there, but until a couple weeks ago, I don’t think I ever came across one. Then, while we were down in the Sisters area for two On Mount Hood book events at the Paulina Springs book shops, I got one back in a handful of change from the general store.

mthoodquarterThere’s nothing incredibly valuable about this quarter. It’s simply part of the United States Mint’s  “America the Beautiful” quarters program, which kicked off in 2010. Through the program, the Mint is releasing 56 different quarters — five a year through 2021 — depicting national parks and other sites from all over the country.

The Oregon quarter showcases the Mount Hood National Forest through a view of Mount Hood over Lost Lake. For a little reference, here’s the vista in real life:

Hood qt shotI’d say they chose a pretty grand representation of some of the beauty of the state and the country.



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