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Mount Hood stories

One reason that a book about Mount Hood seems like such a natural fit is that just about everyone here in Oregon and, really, the Northwest, seems to have a story about it. Theirs may be that they climb it or ski on it, look at it from afar, or simply spend time up at Timberline Lodge every so often. Whatever it is, I’ve found that just about everyone I come across has a story to share about the mountain.

Today, at the Atkinson Book and Author Fair, I talked to a great bunch of authors, who’ve written books about everything from the Civil War and the history of Estacada to being paralyzed and in a wheelchair for nearly 30 years.

Each of the authors I talked to, however, also had their own stories to share about Mount Hood. One recounted a climb he made years ago that found him in a complete whiteout on the descent, all the way back down. His party couldn’t tell they’d returned safely until their ice axes scraped against the asphalt of the parking lot at Timberline Lodge. Another woman had a brother who climbed Hood years and years ago. The person in front of him on the rope fell into a crevasse and died, but he himself was fine. Another author, who ended up in a wheelchair after a tragic accident more than two decades ago, remembered with humor a trip to Timberline Lodge that found her crammed into a tiny elevator full of tables and chairs, that being the only way she could access the main area of the lodge. 

The stories are great — and just keep coming and coming. To me, it says something about just how influential Mount Hood is in the lives of so many people. 

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